Spa and massage

Do you dream of getting a massage but don't want to leave your house? You want a relaxing massage right away and don't want to wait until next week to get an appointment? We offer you an unforgettable and soothing experience: treat yourself to a wellness massage of your choice, while remaining in your familiar surroundings. No need for special equipment, our practitioners come with their massage table and all the accessories necessary for the chosen massage. Taking time for yourself has become an absolute necessity in our daily lives so don't hesitate and try relaxation at home! Make your vacation even more unforgettable with the well-being and revitalizing massages offered by our certified massage therapist. Relax by the pool or on the terrace of your villa and give your body THE massage it deserves.This year, Pradeep is offering you the services of Kamel, a massage therapy professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. He was trained in particular on ancestral Asian techniques that target all of your chakras. Her massages, in addition to relieving your painful areas, treat the problem at the source and in the long term. Let yourself be carried away by a tailor-made treatment for a moment of 100% relaxation. Here are some of our massages from around the world, offered in our treatment menu: Amma Japanese The Amma massage is an age-old energy approach based on the principles of traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine. It combines several body techniques reminiscent of reflexology, shiatsu, Swedish massage and chiropractic. It aims to eliminate energy blockages and prevent and maintain health by performing a series of maneuvers on 148 specific points located along the meridians, muscles and joints.In addition to being stimulating, it allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation and inner well-being.The complete Amma massage is practiced on the whole body, in a lying position, while the seated Amma massage is practiced on a chair and excludes the treatment of the legs. This type of massage does not require you to undress. Californian More commonly known as the "touch of the heart", the Californian massage is a psycho-corporal practice dating from the 70s whose global approach aims as much at relaxation as at the awakening of a psycho-corporal consciousness. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements that allow deep physical and mental relaxation. The effort of the masseur focuses on the nodes of tension in the body which are the receptors and psychosomatic symptoms of the stress that everyday life imposes. At the end of a Californian massage session, you feel soothed, relaxed, regenerated with a great feeling of well-being. Hawaiian This is the getaway trend of the moment! Lomi Lomi is a beautiful full body and face massage inspired by the Hawaiian shamanic tradition.A Lomi-Lomi begins by creating an atmosphere of humility, tranquility and trust between the practitioner and the patient.Lomi-Lomi practitioners mainly use the forearms to massage. In practice, the treatment lasts about an hour. It is practiced on the table with a lot of oil.It is made of sliding pressures of the hands, forearms, fists, alternated with kneading, acupressure, friction and stretching. It releases tension, boosts your vitality, fills your skin with exotic sensations, and brightens up your mood. Combined with soothing oils such as Tamanu oil (sacred tree in Hawaii), Lomi-Lomi is also recommended to relieve lumbar and joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis or muscle inflammation. Swedish Swedish massage is the most widely known and used treatment. The title "Swedish massage" is mostly used in English and Dutch speaking countries - all other nations refer to it as "classical massage".It uses a combination of different methods, such as deep circular movements, vibrations, tapping, joint development methods and long, flowing movements to relax all muscles and joints. The Swedish massage regularly lasts between one hour and 90 minutes.