About us
It all started in a café in La Rochelle. Two travel-loving friends used to meet for a regular morning croissant. Their common passion led them to tell each other stories of their past journeys and to dream of those to come. Sensitive about environmental issues, they became aware that travel does not often rhyme with ecology.
Since then, they have made a promise to each other: to reconcile travel with the planet. In pursuit of the excellence of European royalty and aristocracy which have influenced attitudes towards everything from fashion to interior design and architecture, we witnessed in the luxury tourism industry how consumers are jumping from material belongings to novel experiences and decided to create exclusive unique and premium services fitting the vision of sustainability.
Mohit Shrotriya CEO & Founder Mohit Shrotriya is a young management professional with an entrepreneurship mindset who has worked for several years in the real estate industry, with international experience in multiple other industries such as concierge services, business advise and audit firms. Mohit has completed his double degree (MBA & MSc) in a top French B-school, Excelia Group, and Université du Québec, Montréal, Canada. Mohit also believes that travelling has always been a part of human history and that it is an entrenched fragment of our past. That is why it remains an exuberant ingredient of our recognition. He feels that the tourism industry is engaged in old approaches and practices that still lack a sincere commitment towards global warming issues. This motivated him to create the luxury brand by his father’s name “Pradeep” to be a unique brand of responsible luxury tourism. “The luxury travel industry is like a time travel and it is extending briskly. Consumers, lead by the desire for life experiences, need a more gratifying journey. The motto of a luxury brand is that it has to be exceptional. Here at the Pradeep Brand, we maintain that exclusivity” - Mohit
Alexandre Planchez Vice-President & Co-Founder Mr. Alex is trained at the most prestigious place in Europe. Alexandre has a first expertise in luxury tourism, confirmed in particular by a bachelor's degree in international hotel management at the renowned Vatel school. Also committed to the challenges of sustainable development he specialized in corporate social responsibility through a double MBA/MSc degree at Excelia Business school. "I was lucky enough to work for the benefit of excellence in a Monaco palace. I enjoyed meeting the most demanding clients and I want to take the customer experience to the next level by integrating the environmental sphere. Pradeep is the translation of this desire for increased customer satisfaction by offering a quality service without compromising the planet.”- Alexandre
Hugo CASANOVA IT Manager
Maryna MAZUR Communication Manager
Camille TRUGLAS Concierge Manager
Our Partners
We carefully review the performance and quality of our suppliers to meet your needs. Our team evaluates and selects the services that best meet the wishes of our clients.
The vision of luxury according to Pradeep is not to serve the greatest number. Indeed, we do not consider quantity to be an essence because quantity is often obtained at the expense of quality, and if the quality is not good, then how could you savor the luxury the way you want?
Luxury is something that cannot be easily discovered, so we prefer to surround ourselves with the most knowledgeable suppliers in their fields in order to guarantee you the most memorable experience.
Our villas are mainly located on the outskirts of cities, so that everyone can enjoy an environment close to nature and calm. Finally, one of the selection criteria for our villas being comfort, you are sure to enjoy a property in which you will feel good. If necessary and according to your wishes, we can remodel the ambience of a property thanks to our team of dedicated interior designers.